The Journey

Madbrag is a brainchild of designers and art enthusiasts who were bored of looking at bland backpacks and wanted to bring change.

It was around the peak covid time when the team was working on another project Madmask™, A solution to get rid of boring masks by providing unique, beautiful designs that add up to your wardrobe. If you spend so much time choosing accessories to wear on your face then why let a boring mask destroy it? The idea was loved by the customers and it was an instant hit! Later on when Covid was declared no longer an emergency then we decided to halt the operations but it was the love of our community that we received so many requests to continue and bring new goodies so we decided to merge the two ideas and on 21st September 2021 Madbrag was conceived! 



CDO (Chief Destructive officer)

I strongly believe that plastic is an enemy of our world, so I am on a mission to destroy any plastic I see.



Well, hello there! I'm your friendly neighborhood Gujju boy!
Swinging between the world of design and memes like a digital superhero.
My designs are brighter than ideology of ruling party and the memes are darker than your future.



A Delhite on paper but a Banarasi from birth & the heart, l am a marketing professional with a knack for creating visuals & stories.
When not at Ghats, streets & my work desk I can be found amid mountains and wilderness.



If belting out Taylor Swift's lyrics a job I would be the CEO, kid you not I am working on it. It's me, Tanisha, hi. I’m the problem, it's me. Mostly lost in the colour palette, pixels & designs, I like turning ordinary spaces into whimsical wonders!
I would love to paint the world pink, but not every design. Eyes full of stars and hustling for a good life!


Fashion & Product design Consultant

Howdy, I’m Kritika, a design fanatic and canvas connoisseur. From pixel perfection to paint smears, I live for creative expression. Nature's my jam – whether I'm hiking its trails or channeling it onto my work. Inspired by Van Gogh, I'm on a mission to sprinkle a little more color and wonder into the world.


Product Design Consultant

Heya, Picture me as a one-human circus, effortlessly juggling designs, overthinking with Olympic-level dedication, and firing off sarcastic zingers, all while my morning tea is still in a caffeine coma. Oh, and did I mention I'm a die-hard foodie too?


Product Design Consultant

Hi people, I am originally from Delhi, no stranger to the hustle and bustle of the city life. With a flair of creativity and fashion and a perfect amount of bling, i create the design and always manage between being a mother and professional.



"Now I become Operations, the Dispatcher of orders"

I make sure you get what you paid for on time, so we don't have to bear paying interest on refunds.


Production head

The Jadugar of our team dropping crazy products everyday!